Storytelling has the power to build trust.

You can target and convert your most ready, educated and profitable client through your website by producing powerful, relevant content. Put yourself in the picture and your client will get your message. Our method is to target the concerns of your most ready, educated and profitable client by using content developed with your staff. 

Your most profitable client is searching for you in Google, because Google delivers the best content in response to their queries. How does Google know what pages are "the best"? By tracking visitor engagement, how many pages they read. Google gives top ranking to the most engaging content. To rank the best, be the best. It is that simple.

Your company has compelling stories to tell, powerful insights and unique perspectives. You rely on an extensive knowledge base, a longstanding company culture, and a responsive, creative development process. If you conceal this process, which admittedly can be messy, you are hiding your value from the motivated, educated client. 

Your most profitable client has hard questions. You answer these questions by being transparent. By embracing transparency, you are connecting direct to their hopes and fears. That is where trust and engagement begin.

(PS: Do you know that referrals to the average website are 20:1, Google over Facebook!? Why GIVE your content to Facebook when you can LOAN it to Google, for a much better return? So invest in your own website and Google will pay you top interest, pun intended.)