To maximize profit in the high end custom building and renovation field, you need great client selection - - clients who match up to your particular business needs. OUR METHOD is to target the concerns of your most ready, most educated, most profitable client by using content developed with your staff.

Your ideal client is discriminating and has hard questions. You answer these questions by being transparent about your process. You are not a realtor selling a beautiful house, and your marketing should reflect that. You are a skilled artisan executing a complex project, relying on an extensive knowledge base, a longstanding company culture and on a responsive, creative project development process. If you conceal these assets, which admittedly are sometimes messy, you are hiding your value from the motivated, educated client. By embracing transparency, you are connecting to the hopes and fears of your most profitable matchup. For example:

CHILD SAFETY. High rise buildings offer many amenities, but for parents of small children, they also offer a terror....

OPEN DECK DURABILITY. An open deck is subject to the elements in a way that a roofed porch is not, and its expected service much reduced….

MANAGING HISTORIC FABRIC. Every update, upgrade or act of maintenance on an historic building has historic considerations….

THE BLAME GAME. Building renovation sometimes does not go exactly according to plan. In fact, you can almost plan on it….

THE BENEFITS are as follows:

  1. QUALIFIED LEADS - - targeting your most profitable matchups. If you pitch a finished product (a beautiful house), your name goes in the hat along with everybody else credibly pitching that product - - and the low bidder gets the job. If you pitch an effective, agile and creative process, you connect with your most qualified client’s fears and concerns, so they want to work with YOU.

  2. RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION - - the high skilled staff you need to grow. It takes many years to produce a qualified lead carpenter. By recognizing excellence, you will strengthen your connection to your top performers - - and attract qualified applicants.

  3. BUILDING REPUTATION - - powerful client testimonials that connect with prospects. Your onsite staff has insights on the value you deliver. For just one example, a client’s young son, a Builder Bob” fan, had a suggestion to the job super for a project detail that was easily implemented, much to the delight of the young man’s parents. Because we were in touch with staff, we were able to focus on these human elements when pressing the client for testimonials. Such testimonials are from the heart, and therefore connect directly to your ideal, most profitable prospect.

Corbett Research Group can deliver your ideal high end building construction client because we know the industry - - Since 1999! Call Sara LaBonte at 413-586-4748 for more information about our proven plan. We only work with one company in your geographic footprint, so we can offer you an exclusive advantage in your market.

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