Social Media - - So What?

Social media, what is the point? Have you ever looked up Referrals (to your website) in Google Analytics? Even for clients who diligently update and maintain their Facebook accounts, the ratio for referrals from Organic Search to those from Social Media typically run from 20:1 to 30:1. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple - - that I could maybe justify - - but twenty times?? There is not even a word for that. Great content costs money. Where is the return on your investment in social at 20:1?

But isn't it critical to have a Facebook "presence" in this age of social media? Maybe it is in your market. Ask yourself who is the intended target. When they are seeking information, do they do research in Google or do they consult their Facebook Friends? If you look in Google Analytics and it's 20:1 Facebook, you'll have your answer! Consider where your referrals are coming from in order to determine your return on investment for social.

There is another way to look at this. Why should you GIVE your awesome, insightful and hard earned web content to Facebook when you can LOAN it to Google for a MUCH better rate of return, meaning referrals? It still belongs to you, safe on your website, under your domain and subject to your control. And nobody is selling your data.

Excerpt from an actual client Google Analytics report.
The ratio of organic search to social media referrals is 8,540:428, or 20:1!