Performance Reports

We produce concise reports based on your keyword rankings and server metrics, measuring performance over time. These can be quarterly, or on an as-needed basis. We will identify any areas of weakness for you, so we can target those areas specifically. CRG tracks results with a number of tools:

  • Ranklinity (rankings of keyword phrases)
  • Webalizer (traffic)
  • Google analytics (referrals)

Performance metrics will typically respond within eight weeks of launch and continue to grow as additional relevant content is developed.


Content infused with the keyword search phrases balances Google’s algorithmic needs and client needs to deliver qualified, profitable leads to your website. CRG identifies and targets keyword phrases and the permutations and small variations thereof. In order to target the concerns and expectations of your ideal, high value client, we establish a list of about 150 keywords phrases, in Google, that you need to rank in. We benchmark those phrases, and track them, in order to measure our performance going forward. These phrases target the language users actually use in online searches, including specialized terms, industry-specific language and regional dialects and vernacular. 


We benchmark existing web traffic, on your server, Visits and Pageviews, and track it going forward, to measure performance, over time. Webalizer counts the number of visitors to your website, on the server.


Google Analytics provides detailed reports on visitor behavior and traffic to your site.