Nine Questions to Create Lead-Generating Text

Research shows that you generate more qualified leads from your website when you add more quality content; i.e., text copy that contains specific detail, relevant to your ideal prospect.

Even if you’re not a professional writer, it’s actually pretty easy to create quality content. Just WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW, in a natural way! What you say is more important than how you say it. Describe your past projects — just as you do when speaking face-to-face with your ideal prospect.

Here is a list of nine questions we’ve developed to help create quality content from what you already know about your projects. For each of your major projects, create a website page that addresses as many of the following questions as you find relevant to your ideal prospect’s concerns:

  1. What was the initial scope of the project?
  2. What special problems and challenges were presented by this project?
  3. Were there any novel solutions or procedures you came up with to overcome the problems?
  4. What are you especially proud of about this project?
  5. What materials, finishes or techniques of note were employed?
  6. Did you make any design contributions to the project and if so, what were they?
  7. Did you make any contributions that reduced costs?
  8. Did this project originate with any notable accident or failure of previously existing work?
  9. Did this project require any notable interaction with other trades, and how was this managed?

Of course, this list may contain questions not relevant to your particular situation. Or you may know of a few more that are. Just tailor the list to your own set of circumstances — and you’ll create website content that will generate more qualified leads.