SEO Practises

KEYWORD LIST. You need to develop a Keyword List, an inclusive list of those we are targeting. Let’s make sure we have that agreed list at hand, and in mind.

TITLE TAG - SIGNIFICANCE : According to Google, Title Tags are foremost among all the website content Fields. It is this field that Google displays as the top line, biggest type, and linked to your website, in the Search Results. All content is important, but you can get a lot done with a Title Tag.

TITLE TAG - INTENT. Each Title Tag should have the intent to target a specific phrase, or a group of phrases. By varying the phrases as necessary, we can increase our coverage of the Keyword List.

KEYWORD TYPES. There are three types of Keyword Phrases: Critical, Basic and Long Tail. The Critical are the primary business goals, like “residential renovation”, phrases that can be expected to be frequently searched for. Long Tail are phrases that can be expected to be used much less frequently, but which will be used by a very educated and ready, and hence more valuable, group. An example would be, “structural restoration victorian fieldstone foundation”. Long Tail phrases can target phrase variables such as location, materials, specialties, etc. Basic phrases are everything in between.

CONTENT STRUCTURE. With regards to influence, Weight, if you will, content is pyramidal, with the apex, the Home page, having the most Weight. Then come the Portfolio level pages, and finally the Project pages.

COVERAGE. In general, the Home page addresses the Critical Keywords, and then, progressing down the pyramid, the Portfolio addresses Basic Keywords and the Projects, the Long Tails.

KEYWORD PHRASE STRUCTURE & CONVENTION. The convention is that the first letter of each word be capitalized, except, of course, articles and prepositions. Nothing over the first 7 or 8 words has Weight, with the Weight decreasing from the first word to the last.

RESEARCH. Our intent is to produce results, so we must monitor our results, to confirm the validity of our principles. We can listen to what others say about the topic and try to reconcile their views with what we ourselves think we know. That is why we are the Corbett RESEARCH Group.

PRINCIPLES. The above Keyword principles in general apply to all the other website content Fields. Every type of content Field has its own virtues, strengths and conventions.

DOCUMENTATION. I hope that you find these notes relevant and useful. We've posted it for your refernce, and we will continue to update it.