Keywords to Attract the Best Leads

Keywords are key. A good place to start is to develop a keyword list. This is an inclusive list of what you're targeting. Let's make sure we have that agreed list at hand, and in mind.

In developing your Keyword List, think about what your most qualified prospects are searching for in Google. Use the words and phrases your prospect naturally uses when first inquiring about your work, even if they aren't technically correct. Be sure to incorporate alternates, plurals and even misspellings. You are considering the concerns they've expressed to you, because your website will target these concerns. 

There are three types of Keyword Phrases, Critical, Basic and Long Tail. The Critical are the primary business goals, like "residential renovation", phrases that can be expected to be frequently searched for. Long Tail are phrases that can be expected to be used much less frequently, but which will be used by a very educated and ready, and hence more valuable, group. An example would be, "structural restoration victorian fieldstone foundation". Long Tail phrases can target phrase variables such as location, materials, specialties, etc. Basic phrases are everything in between.