Do you plan to grow your business? If so, how do you intend to communicate your unique value in a way that distinguishes your company from the competition? Our world-class content development program will change the way that you target high value leads. We can furnish you with a comprehensive advantage that is utterly unique in your market.

Profitability is driven by good client matchups. Good clients cost less to qualify, their projects go smoother and they pay better. Bad clients always find a way to make you pay….

Trust is the critical ingredient in a profitable client matchup. That is why we advocate transparency, so that the web visitor can educate themselves about your company, your projects, and your process. When you tell your truth, you establish trust and build the strong client relationships you need to grow and be profitable:

  • QUALITY, QUALIFIED LEADS. We furnish you with highly targeted, high value leads - - the good Client matchups that you need in order to maximize profit.

  • HIGHLIGHT VALUE THROUGH TRANSPARENCY. Your staff are master problem solvers, not designers or real estate agents. By showing their expertise, rather than just the finished product, you are addressing Client concerns and establishing connection.

  • BRANDING: Leverage your unique value and experience to resonate with qualified website visitors for ideal client matchups.

  • RECRUIT AND RETAIN top talent. Documenting specific accomplishments both furnishes recognition for your master artisans and helps to set a company standard.

  • FURNISH SALES TOOLS. Give your Supers and Managers tools to communicate with Clients by publishing Project solutions on the web, available on their phones and devices.

  • PERFORMANCE METRICS: The ultimate metric is leads that turn into profitable projects, but by monitoring visitor traffic and keyword ranking, we can tell how close we are to that goal.

  • DOMINATE GOOGLE, for the keyword phrases your ideal Client is using to research their concerns, so that you get the referral.

Since 1999, CRG has supported the growth and profitability of high end, custom building and restoration companies. We work with you to produce great online content that (1.) targets the relevant search keywords that your ideal client is using, so that you get the referral and that (2.) addresses their concerns, so that you get the call. Let’s talk.

“Corbett Research Group helps us to find the customers we need to keep our business strong. They are proactive about our marketing needs, and they keep us informed. They promised measurable results and that is what they have delivered. Corbett Research Group lets us stay focused on our business. Thank you, CRG!”

Sarah Lawson, S+H Construction, Client since 2008.

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