Cost & Schedule

Websites are more than establishing a digital calling card for an online presence. It is your most powerful tool in attracting or deterring business in the modern marketplace. We provide a comprehensive profile of your company and work on the web. CRG uses a Bootstrap platform for its websites.

We are governed by one single shared goal: launch your website and create quaity content as quickly, affordably and attractively as possible.


We agree to work for you exclusively in your regional footprint, for as long as we both shall agree. Either party can end our exclusive business relationship anytime. All documents, including web documents, remain your property. We retain the right to record, identify, attribute and refer to all the performance metrics, up to that point.

Content Development

Content creation is the answer to all questions related to website and SEO. Portfolios, projects and blog posts are a natural place for us to show and tell your story in a powerful way that resonates with your clients and with Google and other search engines. Process photos coupled with a very brief phone call allows us to quickly generate targeted and effective content, while allowing you to preserve your resources and energy for clients, sales and production. We continue to develop blog and project content. Performance metrics, ranking, traffic will continue to grow throughout the period.


Content infused with the keyword search phrases balances Google’s algorithmic needs and client needs to deliver qualified, profitable leads to your website. CRG identifies and targets keyword phrases and the permutations and small variations thereof. Ultimately, your site may track and/or target about 100 - 150 keyword phrases. These phrases target the language users actually use in online searches, including specialized terms, industry-specific language and regional dialects and vernacular.


Stats are complex in general. They can provide very very detailed information, but web stats in particular are unnecessarily complicated and can be misleading or misinterpreted. Stats can contribute to a tendency towards focus on the microcosm rather than identifying larger trends on a monthly or quarterly basis. CRG tracks results with the a number of tools:

  • Webalizer (traffic)
  • Ranklinity (rankings of keyword phrases)
  • Google analytics (referrals).

Performance metrics will typically respond within eight weeks of launch and continue to grow as additional relevant content is developed.