Our website and online strategy will connect you with qualified leads that convert into clients. We are not about building pretty websites per se. We build websites and online strategies that balance form and function for one very specific result: GENERATING QUALIFIED LEADS. CRG works exclusively with high-end construction companies, artisans and craftspeople of notoriety who are committed to growing their business. Our clients are respected experts whose authority is derived from decades of experience and countless satisfied customers. Our qualifications are the same. 

Marketing Evaluations

We can tell you how your existing site is performing in Google search results, relative to your competitors. We will also evaluate your website from the perspective of your ideal client, including an analysis of your online reputation, with review sites such as Yelp.

Content Development

Content creation is the answer to all questions related to website and SEO. Portfolios, projects and blog posts are a natural place for us to show and tell your story in a powerful way that resonates with your clients and with Google. Process photos coupled with a very brief phone call allows us to quickly generate targeted and effective content, while allowing you to preserve your resources and energy for clients, sales and production. Read More About Content Creation

Website Hosting. Or upgrading your current website. With CRG, you have options. 

The “Artisans’ Website Portfolio” (Content Management System) is a software we developed exclusively for building artisans like you. You can login and update it, at no cost. Leverage your unique project portfolio to get on the first page in the Google search results. Qualified leads mean quality clients – – and more profit. Read More About Web Hosting and Upgrades

Performance Reports

We produce concise reports based on your keyword rankings and server metrics, measuring performance over time. These can be quarterly, or on an as-needed basis. We will identify any areas of weakness for you, so we can target those areas specifically. CRG tracks results with a number of tools. Read More About Performance Reports.

Social Media

We distribute any Project and Blog content via email Bulletins, social media posts and third party Blogs, such as the Journal of the Guild of Building Artisans, so you derive maximum value from the content.  Read More About Social Media Services.

Reputation Management

Because most business comes from word of mouth, online searches, and lead conversion through your site, there may be a tendency to be dismissive or undervalue the importance of “peer-review environments”. Read More About Reputation Management.

Testimonial Acquisition

Testimonial acquisition is a great way to generate content for your website, email bulletins, and use on social media. Outreach like this also generates goodwill with clients, and provides an opportunity to hear and answer concerns before they become negative reviews online. Read More About Testimonial Acquisition.

Posting Directory Listings

Your Project listings in one of our regional directories will appear before all non-client listings. We can post Project listings for you (and charge) or you can easily do it yourself. Read More About Priority Directory Listings.