Are You Overprotecting Your Brand?

The temptation in online marketing is to protect the brand at all costs. With branding, the cost of overprotection is the same as with children - - it makes them boring and stupid.

Reveal, don't conceal.
Reveal, don't conceal.

Like anxious parents everywhere, we prefer to present the impressive result and to conceal the process, which can be messy. The problem is that your most valuable client has concerns related to process. They are researching specific issues, problems, using keywords. If you don’t address those issues, you won’t come up in search, because you don’t use the keywords. And if you don’t address those issues, they may think you don’t know or don’t care.

In addition, failure to engage the web visitor determines ranking and traffic. This is because Google ranking (and thus qualified traffic) is determined by visitor engagement.The more pages that your web visitor views, the higher Google will rank your website. Google sees high pageview to visit ratios as evidence that the visitor finds the content engaging, useful and insightful.

So reveal, don’t conceal. By concealing process, you hide value. Don’t just assert your value, demonstrate it, so that the visitor may come to know you. Certainly, brands need management, and protection, just as do children. That being said, online media is a unique opportunity to connect to your most profitable matchup. By producing web content that specifically addresses the known concerns of that client, you put yourself in the picture, and give the visitor the chance to know you. Trust comes not from the illusion of perfection, but when we come to see people as they really are.