The CRG Team: Sara LaBonte, John Corbett, Erica Lynn.
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Your advertising tells me that you are the greatest, and I believe you. But your client is looking for someone to connect with, someone to trust. Your company has compelling stories to tell, powerful insights and unique perspectives. And your ideal client has hard questions. You answer these questions by being transparent about your process. You are not just selling a result, and your marketing should reflect that. You are a skilled professional executing a complex project. You rely on an extensive knowledge base, a longstanding company culture, and a responsive, creative project development process. If you conceal these assets, which admittedly are sometimes messy, you are hiding your value from the motivated, educated client. By embracing transparency, you are connecting to the hopes and fears of your most profitable matchup. That is where trust and engagement begin. 


Our method is to target the concerns of your most ready, educated and profitable client by using content developed with your staff. We call it content marketing. If you just pitch the product, your name goes in the hat along with everybody else - - and the low bidder gets the job. If you pitch an effective, agile and creative process, you connect with your most qualified client’s fears and concerns, so they want to work with YOU. Read More About Our Strategy.

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