Corbett Research Group is the publisher of the Boston & Beyond Building & Renovation Directory, and New York City & Beyond Building & Renovation Directory. We are also the developers of websites for the master artisans, exclusively, since 1999.


John M. Corbett

Director of Research

John has an extensive background in building construction, and has written many articles about the industry for magazines such as Traditional Building and Period Homes. Early in the development of the internet, he became interested in targeting qualified clients for the building specialists using the (then) very crude search engines. He began to leverage this power on behalf of construction companies in order to develop the high-end leads they needed for success. With the dominance of Google search, these results became much more stable and reliable. Today, relevant and engaging web content is by far the most efficient way to develop profitable leads for the building specialists.



Erica Lynn

Director of Operations

Great website content generates great leads. Erica manages content development and flow for our client websites. Her work maximizes the performance of each piece of web content that they develop. She also manages our online presence, including our regional directories, blogs, social media, and newsletter outreach.